Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Monday's newspapers came with the narration of a much brutal and nerve chilling incident ,frightening every single Indian women and giving a high heart beat count to all parents with daughters. The gang rape incident which took place in the capital city of India where the victim still battling with her life is deeply appalling. But the question is ,will this story be forgotten in another fortnight? or is it going to make the entire nation rethink where it is faulting? While most of the people i talked about this says with absolute certainty that these kind of savage crime against women will continue as long as a stringent system is initiated to curb this social illness. There has been a plethora of incidents in the recent past that made women hide behind the doors to make herself safe. Many were convicted ..many reforms has been proposed though not implemented. Then why again women are not safe? For one ,maybe we are not treating the disease but the symptom. Treating the headache of a tumour patient won’t save his life. The answer is right in front of us ,but many pretend to be blind to see it. An eventual social reform is needed especially in the Indian psych. It’s not about the male supremacy that should be debated by the so called faminists,While in many places women is banned the primary right of a human ,that should be discussed in a wide forum. The respect and care she needs should come from the society ,for which she compromises her very self to get a mere approval of good conduct. No fast track court or a new law can change this scenario. Imposing castration or a death penalty will deal with the accused. We need to focus on preventing these incidents from happening. It’s the proper moral education that can enlighten the individual citizen. It is sad to see even the well educated people takes an easy stand on battering and abusing their wives, as this act is seen not much as an odd act by the people around. Is it the increasing working class women that make men inferior ,or is it her freedom (which she enjoys in a much higher cost) that makes men think that she crossed the social norm. Whatever be the reason behind the continuing sad incidents, it's high time that the people across should stand together and sort out this social evil and give your females back home a less traumatic future.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Skyfall a review

The last testment of th JB film was amazing in its own ways,but if you try to compare it to the predicisors,one will get a pinch of disappointment for sure.For those who saw the movie for an adrinalin rush ,most of the sequences where mediocre except the bike chase in the roof tops of Turky and the derailed train of London subway which was quiet breath taking.The terrains of scotland was silent and dead and the climax action resembled the effort of the home alone kid with the limited resources.The larger than life image created for bond in all its prequels where shatterd in the new one ,where the old one seemed to be more week and disturbed ..more human and less bond.The city of shangai was totally wasted and the action on top of the hotel with neon lighting was rather slow and dragging.The gadgets for which these films are famous for had nothing catchy(a radio and finger print sensitive gun..who doesnt have it nowadays),but rather the director made use of all the stone age gadgets to make bond look even older.The one missing factor through out the film was the presence of a strong bond girl who can fight and do stuffs along side the hero.The villan seemed to overshadow the efforts of the man himself at some point.Already people are comparing the charecter with jocker in batman..but i must say not that much but still it reminded me of a stronger antihero like jocker for sure.But the one thing that was kept in perfection was the bond attitude.Craig was quiet excellent in portraying the guy as an old school ,bad ego guy with the extra guts.The dialoges where catchy most of the time sarcastic and gave giggles to the audience.Over all the film felt like a tribute to the retiring crew 'M' rather than a mission fulfilled by Bond

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I am wireless allergic

No wonder why my peers call me Paleolithic, my aquientence with the so called digital tech savvy world is that much worse. Someone like me is declared under the differently abled section ever since i stopped social networking and my Facebook account just became a tool to occasionally spy on someone. Those who talks in phone irritates me and those who do with Bluetooth headsets drives me much more crazy. While all my colleagues cupped their favorite android or Symbian embedded beauties, they eyed on my Nokia oldie like a dead rat. While they are dead serious about the topic of Samsung i phone war i rather watch the floor or bite my nail. I once heard my android bitten friend talk about cupcake ,donut and jelly bean and i found it strange to hear that she is quiet impressed with jellybean...It actually took me a long explanation from her to make me understand it is not food they are talking about and it is something i won’t be interested in. Smartphones and QWERTY keypads never seduced me and i gazed them with the feeling of a gay watching Megan Fox. Sometimes i felt like I had some kind of phobia that made me get detached from the so called smart gadgets. For people who consider apple as a bible and Steve jobs the god(technically a dead god...)i am from a different world ,not an alien though.. because all the Hollywood movies portray them as a much more evolved ugly species with postmodern technology far beyond the imagination and implementation of mankind. In a way if i analyze it, i can tell it’s some kind of phobia of strangers, Xenophobia(googlical result for such a phobia) and guess what they even have a phobia name for a fear of losing the mobile as 'Nomo phobia' ,but no one cared to find a name for the fear of processing one. Funny world!!!For the world that turned its face on my fear. Here i give the literary world a new word'Antinomophobia'(THE FEAR OF HAVING A MOBILE)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Atlast The Chaos

Life seemed like too much bumpy and doomed for quiet sometime, whatever happens didn’t fit into the right slot .The mid twenty crises is hitting hard and each blow is immensely tormenting. Working days are too risky that each day u had to prepare for a dangerous cliff dive obviously with no life guards watching’s not true that there are no life guards at all..They rather enjoy sitting back and laugh at the big crash we make. Mind was not stable that the problems pile up all day and the solutions are always not found. Each day u feel like you have the most horrible day compared to anyone around and the next day comes up breaking your own records for the most number of troubles.You feel like you have never worked this hard in your whole life while ur boss trashes you telling what you comeup is not even half what is expected.While all your collegues snaches the so called well deserved designations and honours ,you are still stuck up in the same old pit hole you ever belonged. Being single is no more a style’s becoming a liability and the whole department of match making is partially or completely delegated to the retired parents who at one point becomes all panicy.All your friends are getting married and u are getting rejected each day by the so called eligible bachelors and even a onetime popular one like you dreams of being a saint.The weekend hangouts for a movie or mall is less more exciting and more like a routine.You have Your apartment used to be the shelter for your worries, but now you live like a ghost with no familiar face to chat with. For all your friends have either moved away or got married.At nights either you skim through the channels one by one ,having got the full control over the remote you dont feel the happiness you used to get while you sat down watching your friend's favourite channel rather than yours. All of a sudden all the decisions u made seems like the biggest blunders and the life stretches u to the extend..Then it happens..a voice from inside ...a sudden intuition and u take the risk to step out of the routine and give a try to the butterfly effect ..The chaos effect that at last gives you the peace of mind.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Love to Hate

For those who overlooked we were strangers with no interest in what the other does or feels...with no regret in the cold response exchanged... still… There were times we hated by instinct more than natural enemies as cats and dogs even those momentary gesture made u mad that you wanted to finish off the other in the next second but.. When someone talks bad of that person your conscience agreed it was right and you think there are still more to list out. Yet... When that person is with the one you hate, you pity both and smiles within which comes with pure sarcasm till. In a crowd of strangers you find that one, equally alienated as you and you prefer to ignore the other one's present and adores the solitude around. Even then. You have no idea why you hates the other one with no real reasons and the reasons you have piled up where pure stupidity that they were all self made not to consider the other one. A relation quiet complex that sometimes even you think of u as quiet a nut...till The mystery remains unresolved.