Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Coming late to office is more like a habitt than an accident to me.Today also the reason is same ..i woke up late..brushed late..ate late ..and everything went as a chorus of late.I took my was too heavy so i got rid of it and took only my purse along with me .my friend was yet to get ready and she was in a hurry to brush up her totally messed up hair.I was irritating her as usual ,thretening her that i will leave in a min whether she comes or not.she some how managed to pick her belongings and we ran out of the room after double checking wether we locked the room properly.Frankly we were not afraid of theft..we were afraid the theif wont get a sudden heart atacka fter seeing our beutifully arranged room.from our room to main road we sprinted in record time (who knows we might have broken the record of usain bolt).we stood there restlessly waiting for the jumpo autorikshaw that we call a shareauto here.Although 6 is the allowable limit,drivers claim is that 10 can travel wihtout suffocation..A share auto stopped before us.we looked inside only one seat and we both looked at the drivere bewildered.He said"space irikkamma"we both looked at each other choice..both of us squeezed ourself inside.I was litterelly sitting on next ladies lap.After a 5 min ride we were right infront of our office an auto fare of 10 for both of us combinedwe ran inside the gate.Suddenly a sound stopped us ..Madam..tag...we stopped checked for the tag around our neck.Oh no it is me..i forgot my corporate is more than an identification card..forgetting it is like alibaba forgeting "khulja sim sim" To tread through any doorway int the office u need that access card.


Came at my usual time around 10 and comfortably lied back on my cushioned office chair. Lazily switched on the monitor as the weekend kick was still active. I entered the user name and password so correctly without even giving a second thought. Those info were not coming from my brain (the main server)it was cached to the tip of my fingers. Roughly went through the daily task assignment usual they proved once again that i am invisible went through the emails one by one..i deleted all the forward just giving a glance at them, as they hav the potential to block my limited memory official mail box. I deleted all the junk items and opened my office chat box to give a good morning to all my equally tormented gang. All were equally tired still lingered to the sweet memories of the weekend. After all these high priority tasks i looked around...Where is my team!!..Any team lunch??neahh..its only 10 30...then where???Rest room..What..Everyone...Ohh damn any meeting....i checked my mail there is no meeting..counter checked my deleted item..ohh there it is ..KT at conference 10 ..oh..i am a dead man..I locked my sys and rushed to the conference room..all were seated comfortably..looked at me as if i am from mars..i thought..hey guys i am used to this look..i went straight inside gave an apologies and stood in one of the least noticed corners..The guy who was giving the lecture continued his speech..i stood there ....First five minutes were okey..I looked around ...appreciated the architectural excellence of our conf room..Then i looked at my team so glued up to the seat and focused on what they are hearing..One among them even had a letter pad and pen to note it down. I was getting restless at every passing time..more over my new high heeled sandals were adding up much more pain. The KT seemed like a never ending Ramayan to me..i was looking at my watch every single minute and thought when will this all end. To my dismay here comes our Pm. Dressed up in pure white shirt and black trousers with well groomed hair and specs of a geek. He apologized for the interruption and said...Can you brief the points once more..."what!!"i thought "are u kidding"..I felt like fainting I was standing there for no reason..the application they were talking doesn’t include me .Still i am standing there to test my own patience..This man coming on the middle and asking to explain once more is real stupidity..He stood there ready to here the epic once more..and it a blessing..What was it the monitor went off..the whole team panicked..what happened..hey our good great pm leaned towards the wall and switched off the ..that was what i was hoping for..Every one gave a pathetic look at the projector and then gave a deep sigh..I was so much if one of my dream almost came true.