Thursday, 8 March 2012

Love to Hate

For those who overlooked we were strangers with no interest in what the other does or feels...with no regret in the cold response exchanged... still… There were times we hated by instinct more than natural enemies as cats and dogs even those momentary gesture made u mad that you wanted to finish off the other in the next second but.. When someone talks bad of that person your conscience agreed it was right and you think there are still more to list out. Yet... When that person is with the one you hate, you pity both and smiles within which comes with pure sarcasm till. In a crowd of strangers you find that one, equally alienated as you and you prefer to ignore the other one's present and adores the solitude around. Even then. You have no idea why you hates the other one with no real reasons and the reasons you have piled up where pure stupidity that they were all self made not to consider the other one. A relation quiet complex that sometimes even you think of u as quiet a nut...till The mystery remains unresolved.

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