Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Skyfall a review

The last testment of th JB film was amazing in its own ways,but if you try to compare it to the predicisors,one will get a pinch of disappointment for sure.For those who saw the movie for an adrinalin rush ,most of the sequences where mediocre except the bike chase in the roof tops of Turky and the derailed train of London subway which was quiet breath taking.The terrains of scotland was silent and dead and the climax action resembled the effort of the home alone kid with the limited resources.The larger than life image created for bond in all its prequels where shatterd in the new one ,where the old one seemed to be more week and disturbed ..more human and less bond.The city of shangai was totally wasted and the action on top of the hotel with neon lighting was rather slow and dragging.The gadgets for which these films are famous for had nothing catchy(a radio and finger print sensitive gun..who doesnt have it nowadays),but rather the director made use of all the stone age gadgets to make bond look even older.The one missing factor through out the film was the presence of a strong bond girl who can fight and do stuffs along side the hero.The villan seemed to overshadow the efforts of the man himself at some point.Already people are comparing the charecter with jocker in batman..but i must say not that much but still it reminded me of a stronger antihero like jocker for sure.But the one thing that was kept in perfection was the bond attitude.Craig was quiet excellent in portraying the guy as an old school ,bad ego guy with the extra guts.The dialoges where catchy most of the time sarcastic and gave giggles to the audience.Over all the film felt like a tribute to the retiring crew 'M' rather than a mission fulfilled by Bond

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