Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Nice Cup of Steaming Coffee

How’s Chennai???? If you are permanent/temporary native of Chennai, what pops in your mind when your friend ask you rather this blunt unwanted question? Question is simple, but less specific. Well.. I tried asking this question to many of my Chennai friends and their response were quiet interesting.
Nikhil thinks being one of the oldest metros in India. Chennai still has got an edge over others (Mumbai and Kolkata) in growth factor. May be it in is in the service sector or in the trade relations or in infrastructure. He thinks Chennai is not saturated like its counterparts. Bhagya is much worried about the garbage disposals and the sewages in Chennai and has got her own plan to clear it out. Even though she is Chennaiphobic , she is much interested about the capability of governance here. Roshni who got grafted to Chennai from the huzzle buzzle of Bangalore says chennaites have got the art of paralleling culture and modernity. Archana put her views on the climate of Chennai in as much interesting way. According to her Chennai has got five seasons, or rather five conditions, hot, hotter, hottest, hotter and hottest. But my most favorite one is yet to come...It was from my childhood friend Jake who was always like a cannon ball in his responses, so this time also I was expecting some fresh idea from him. What comes in his mind when someone utters Chennai is that one cup of coffee which can sweep you away to a different world.
His idea was simple, different from all the materialistic things all of us are talking about..It’s a feeling of complete bliss. One cup with right combination of perfectly brewed decoction mixed with the multiply boiled thick milk and the spoonful of sugar that makes the beverage the most preferable to sip after a tiresome day, this is what he should have thought when I asked him the question and I totally agree with his imagination since I can relate mine to it.
I have sipped so many different types of caffeine beverages from the common cappuccino, mocha etc etc...But the one the people make in Saravan Bhavan and Adayar Ananda Bhavan are quiet amazing. Forget the energy drinks and the adrenalin stimulant pills, this cup can do wonders than a shot of pethadene (I swear I haven’t tried this one).The way it is presented again a quiet amusement, a steel glass which can hold a max of 100 ml placed inside a dawra and the sugar is not mixed prior to the serve so that we can mix it as much as we need. The more you mix the more frothy it gets and more tasty it becomes. I remember the a nice cup of tea written by Orwell, if someone is going to write the same for coffee I recommend that must be the one we get in Chennai and nowhere else.
So let me tell you how this drink is made, quiet simple but it is an art and good to watch the making of it also. Boil milk in a open vessel and when it is about to spill just lower the flame and let it bubble for the next 10 minutes. The main ingredient is the thick brewed decoction. For that all you need is a high quality coffee powder with less amount of chickaree which has a smell that can mute your mind for seconds. Brew it in the Chennai made filter. How it is done is simple. Open the upper lid of the so called filter, add up to 10 teaspoons of coffee powder and gently pour the boiling water to it. Add water according to the concentration of decoction you need. Keep this for half an hour your main ingredient is all ready. Take the preheated boiling milk add to the coffee extract add the sugar as much as you need and your coffee cup is all ready to get served
The question is when the right time to have it is? In my opinion you can take it any time ,even if someone is offering it to me at the middle of the night also I will accept and have it without even a single drop in the cup. But I prefer those who are in their extreme mental situation like ecstasy, anger, depression, may be even love. The result after the treatment is total tranquility, or even a self realization...Try it out. If Ii am wrong don’t beat me because, I will blame you for not enjoying this wonderful cup of pure magic....