Monday, 25 April 2011

Cyber Fever!!!

It’s almost been a year that i have completely absconded from all the social networking sites(SNS).It was a bit of hard thing for me ,since i was super active in three major SNS at that point of time.Orkut Face book and Myspace.Orkut was the first networking site i was introduced to and later acquainted with. I was a total slave of this particular SNS while in my collage days. Facebook spread it tentacles during the late 2009 and MySpace was the one where i had no friends and used only to upload my silly blogs. From a total cyber maniac to no social networking was a daunting task like attending a drug rehabitation center. I was bitten hard by the SNW bug and it hooked deep inside me, even if i wanted to get away it pulled me towards it so hard. I decided to stop it not because i wanted to stop but i hated the idea of becoming a slave to a virtual thing..
At last i was able to get loose all the clutches that bind me; i still check my account once in a while but not a 50 times every day as i used to do earlier.

I still remember when i told my friend circle that i no longer am active in any of the SNS,i heard a collective voice of jaws hitting the ground with pure sarcasm. I agree with them on the pros of using it...but i don’t want to be a full cyber freak’s think what Mr.Orkut and Mark did are totally remarkable..But maybe I am adamant on the old school thought and not willing to change with time....But no..i am not at all against the new age facebook dwellers..i just kept a distance from it just because out chemistry worked out little bit worse..i am truly ware of the wide spread influence of it. Its now the best platform to come up with new ideas, fight against the all the bad things
But still becoming cyber savvy is not what i am ..Like my friends say..they spit on me for having this bizarre idea...they consider me as a one Neanderthal man stuck up in stone age even after the third wave (The communication wave mentioned by Allen Toffler)washed up the whole world. Some of my friends really pity me and i kind of accept it.I had a choice ..i choose my way i know it is not perfect ,but its the style i chose and for that no regrets at allll...