Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Monday's newspapers came with the narration of a much brutal and nerve chilling incident ,frightening every single Indian women and giving a high heart beat count to all parents with daughters. The gang rape incident which took place in the capital city of India where the victim still battling with her life is deeply appalling. But the question is ,will this story be forgotten in another fortnight? or is it going to make the entire nation rethink where it is faulting? While most of the people i talked about this says with absolute certainty that these kind of savage crime against women will continue as long as a stringent system is initiated to curb this social illness. There has been a plethora of incidents in the recent past that made women hide behind the doors to make herself safe. Many were convicted ..many reforms has been proposed though not implemented. Then why again women are not safe? For one ,maybe we are not treating the disease but the symptom. Treating the headache of a tumour patient won’t save his life. The answer is right in front of us ,but many pretend to be blind to see it. An eventual social reform is needed especially in the Indian psych. It’s not about the male supremacy that should be debated by the so called faminists,While in many places women is banned the primary right of a human ,that should be discussed in a wide forum. The respect and care she needs should come from the society ,for which she compromises her very self to get a mere approval of good conduct. No fast track court or a new law can change this scenario. Imposing castration or a death penalty will deal with the accused. We need to focus on preventing these incidents from happening. It’s the proper moral education that can enlighten the individual citizen. It is sad to see even the well educated people takes an easy stand on battering and abusing their wives, as this act is seen not much as an odd act by the people around. Is it the increasing working class women that make men inferior ,or is it her freedom (which she enjoys in a much higher cost) that makes men think that she crossed the social norm. Whatever be the reason behind the continuing sad incidents, it's high time that the people across should stand together and sort out this social evil and give your females back home a less traumatic future.

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