Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I am wireless allergic

No wonder why my peers call me Paleolithic, my aquientence with the so called digital tech savvy world is that much worse. Someone like me is declared under the differently abled section ever since i stopped social networking and my Facebook account just became a tool to occasionally spy on someone. Those who talks in phone irritates me and those who do with Bluetooth headsets drives me much more crazy. While all my colleagues cupped their favorite android or Symbian embedded beauties, they eyed on my Nokia oldie like a dead rat. While they are dead serious about the topic of Samsung i phone war i rather watch the floor or bite my nail. I once heard my android bitten friend talk about cupcake ,donut and jelly bean and i found it strange to hear that she is quiet impressed with jellybean...It actually took me a long explanation from her to make me understand it is not food they are talking about and it is something i won’t be interested in. Smartphones and QWERTY keypads never seduced me and i gazed them with the feeling of a gay watching Megan Fox. Sometimes i felt like I had some kind of phobia that made me get detached from the so called smart gadgets. For people who consider apple as a bible and Steve jobs the god(technically a dead god...)i am from a different world ,not an alien though.. because all the Hollywood movies portray them as a much more evolved ugly species with postmodern technology far beyond the imagination and implementation of mankind. In a way if i analyze it, i can tell it’s some kind of phobia of strangers, Xenophobia(googlical result for such a phobia) and guess what they even have a phobia name for a fear of losing the mobile as 'Nomo phobia' ,but no one cared to find a name for the fear of processing one. Funny world!!!For the world that turned its face on my fear. Here i give the literary world a new word'Antinomophobia'(THE FEAR OF HAVING A MOBILE)

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