Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A for Apple

Apple..The first English word that we spelled for the first time and hummed gleefully the first health rhyme “Apple a day keeps the doctor away”. From the late night fairy tale stories we knew it almost killed the beautiful princess snow white and was the one forbidden fruit made by GOD when he created the world. On the day we started learning Physics, the first interesting thing we heard was the story of apple falling in Newton’s head. From the facts simple as these .it grew almost as a synonym of electronic gadgets with the Steve Jobs Apple in the 21st century.
SJ for electronics tool is like MJ for POP like Steve Irvin for Man Vs Wild, A pioneer in what he does and who will be remembered forever.
SJ's sad demise doesn’t come as a big shock, but a much expected one as his battle with the pancreatic cancer was known to all who admire him. The god of the techno gadgets, the mentor of innovations and the weaver of iX wave which washed away the whole world. The mesmerizing ideas that we haven’t even dreamt of. Under his powerful wings Apple as a brand became the desire and drug for the techno savvy gadget maniacs.
To all those who became slaves for the bitten apple logo, it is like the death of a dear friend and those admire the excellence of the company it is like a loss of a techno geek who dreams like a writer.
There are only two such things that the public has waited restlessly outside the shop to get the first version of it in this decade
1)The Harry Potter Books
2) The IPod\Pad\Phone
Both of these had the power to draw the public towards it because they had always something beyond imagination to offer. Both takes you to a whole different world of fantasy and ecstasy .It is not like with his death it all ends..But his name will be there for ever will be remembered by those who lived on his era and will be a hero for the coming ages, for he has changed history...the history of modern communication tools.