Thursday, 23 January 2014

Gearing up for the next General Election

While i look forward to the biggest adventure and challenge i have ever faced ..having a baby of course ..the thrill of being back to India and cast my vote for the next General election is no less exciting. Although there may seem hardly any similarities between a childbirth and election, but both have a similar sense of feeling .. a new beginning and a change in the existing mundane drill. Being a supporter of communist Party would rather like to sit back and enjoy the big show, since I believe there is no chance of seeing the next government following communist ideologies. So let's talk about the giants here the existing crown bearer UPA backed by INC and the equally ferocious opposition BJP. Pet named namo and raga are warming up for the last couple of months for the final lapse to ascent to power. They are well planned and well prepared for the epic battle of 2014.

INC is trying hard to figure out the link between Namo and the much talked about Gujarat riot which happened decade back instead of investigating on the million dollar scandals which shook the nation from root to leaf at their own ruling time, and the poor old bachelor  of the Gandhi Family is continuously and religiously messing up every single public speech he had to deliver (he even got his own cache in Google as Rahulgandhi jokes...poor chap...all his ancestors might be hiding behind a  pallu in another world).But people nowadays seems not much bothered about someone's past if he could keep his white khadi jubba away from dirt after ascending the throne. Namo on the other hand is roaring harder than ever, boasting about the Gujarat's rise as a superpower(even though the statistics gives a mediocre nod to his achievements in
his state).He projects his so called achievements in Gujarat as a benchmark and is all set to make every other state in India as a clone of Gujarat(Who knows ...he may even change the names of all other states as Gujarat and may number them as gujju1 ,gujju2....)

While the tycoons ram their horns ,the aam admi of India is refusing to see the day today drama they have been viewing for decades. It's a surprise to even believe They  got the courage to let a bunch of rookies to make a try in politics and that too in the capital. Even the election results came as a total surprise to the AAP leaders While the whole nations keenly watch every single move  of these debutants in the centre, the team led by Aravind khejriwal is trying new experiments day by day to broom away the dirt in the existing system. Even though the Blackhorse galloped pretty fast in Delhi, their chance of winning a huge majority in the upcoming elections is doubtful.

Having 3 more months in hand for the Indian Public to come to make up their mind and choose their favourites wisely(which is quiet a herculean task),they are still confused and seeks answer for numerous questions. Can Namo create another industrial wave? Can beta Gandhi live up to his mammas expectations(if she let him sit on PMs chair...other than putting another puppet).Can Aravind ji's broom clean up the whole mess or should he change his logo to a vacuum cleaner? Let them stay fingers crossed...let us pray we choose for our own good..let's see what happens...