Monday, 21 March 2011

A Perfect Mismatch

Today is one of the freakiest day in my life .The date itself is spelled is 13 th of feb.the figure 13 made me remember all those spooky stories and gost movies i ever watched.Today was the bride interview.The first one.Was i nervous?well franckly i was not i was sleepy.The guys folks palnned to come at 9...yes it is 9 am and it is my usual wakeup time.I was so much frustrated and cursed all those who discovered the nonsense idea of blind date fixing.I woke up at most earliest( i mean the superduperlative degree of early) 6 30 and i had to dip my head in the bucket for 2 mins to get back my conciousness.. had my break fast atlast at 8.00..i was eating food as if i was fasting for the last 2 days.then i realised that i am totally nervous..i eat a lot when i am tensed and rite now y stomac was on fire and my arms so cold.I felt like writing my electonics supplimentary lab exam one more timee.even the jumbo rock sized idlies my mom made was of no help.i gulped almost five of them 1 full glass milk and two bananas.My father looked at me as if he was proud of having a daughter who can eat like this(considering the usual myth that girls eat less when they are tensed...well in my case it is all reversed).Everything was somewhat fine untill we heard the noise of a horn.Allast the folks are here and my turn to meet a guy is nearingg..i killed all those butterflies inside the stomach with one large bite of chocolate truffle which was bought exclusively for the guests.I literally swallowed that piece and i felt so much balanced..there comes 2 men and 2 women.both wemen were bulky and one guy was lean and the other was quiet a jumbo.All of them were nearing their late fiftie and the one who was missing was the so called guy(payyan).

He,the guy himself was riding the car and he carefullu parked it on the side of the road.I felt good he was not kind of jerky bumpy driver as my father ,he was care ful and gentle..i liked that..he stepped outside and my expectations kicked me hard this timee.he was short and lean..i must say very much lean.if iam medium he was like extra small.But looks never matter in life as old people say.We welcomed them and seated all in our well arranged drawing room(It was quiet a herculian task for us to arrange the whole setup).The guy seemed very much cool firt and eventuallyy turned to a bossy youth,but still was verymuch kind with my parents.From my 50 50 yes no condition i slipped to a 75-25 yes no condition .After the tea party it was time for us to have a chat.The guy himself said that we can talk upstairs and we went up..He was going in front and i didnt like someone showing the way in myowmn house...We chatted and i let him talk about his job and while he was enthusiastically explaining his job i became totally bored and half sleepy.He was too practical and less fun lovingg.He was like the opposite of me ..He was a perfect brother not the MAN in my life.HE went on with his ramayan and i heard everything like a patient counseler.He never asked me about my aspirations so i was a little offended.After half an hour KATTI we came down stairs knowing that we were not kind of perfect match.But Iwont say he was horrible .He was quiet a nice gentleman.but sure we were not made for each other.Meanwhile his pareents were busy scanning my sisters marriage album..i was thinking why they got a sudden interest in my sister and later figured out they were checking the jewlry and i was so very much offended this timeand i came to a 100-0 no yes condition.Still i liked the guy hated his family.felt a litle bit conserned about his health and found my marriage to him as the perfect mismatch.

He was settled in trissur and no way he will get a transfer else where and i am in no condition to lose my job for marriage.Its done and over.Hunt is still on and i am experienced now,,,bewaree

Thursday, 10 March 2011

FEVER is ON.....!!!!!

The fever is on..all those cricket maniacs are all set to get gleued up to their couches for their much awaited event..the whole purpose for living 4 more years ..yes the cricket world cup(more to the thrill this time its uswho are co hostinggg).After the humiliating defeat of their last world cup season the boys(Still they are reffered like this..dont blame me) are back with a roar.Like all the contemporary indaian families the scene is not much different in my home also.My dad whome i thoght once as the most maddest(i meant the superlative of mad..dont kick me)cricket fan was proved wrong by my own uncle who bought an ultra zoom binoculors to watch the match in the stadium before the tickets were on sale.Un fortunately my dad is going to miss some of the events since he is going to undergo a cateract surgery during the wc season.The operation day was well placed that he wont misss any of India's matches,he can rest for 4 days and comfortably see our teams next performance.I was thinking how he would have conviced the doctor to get this safest slot and my confusion was disolved by one comment from him "One crick maniac can empathise on the other...(what docter Uncle U toooooo) If amartya sen saab says a normal indian ia "argumentative"i ll add he is a cricket freak aswell.One of the strangest thing i have noticed is my dad is so much reluctent in choosing a son in law who has any other sport other than cricket as the high priority.Well..for all those folks out there who are expecting the men in blue will make it this time..i will say hope is always good..i am not being pesismistic out here i too wish this time luck strike on us.jeethega bhai jeethegaa India jeethegaa


I ran into my 9 o clock bus...the last one to my route ,climbed up and walked towards one of the last rows.I was hurt.feeling so bad and what i needed was a lonsome place to shed my silent tears.i sat in one of the last seats near to the window.My hans were cold and i felt so tormented.i touht of calling some one and took my mobile out.I scanned through the names..who to call .Home..i didnt feel like calling..they are too busy searching for an allience that they wont understand what i am going through..friend..she just lost her father before a fortnight..then who.i slipped to the music player..the same old high sounding misic is not going to give me any relief.then suddenly i found the one small folder in my memory card the folder i have forgotten long back..which contains the soft rock from brian adams and john denver.i plugged my earbuds and played one by one.There came the husky voice of brian adams pleading for forgivnesss.My heart which was waighing twice that of my head started to feel a bit light.BA's voice had the power to make any arrogent lady shed her tears with this tocken of love.Then came the country beats of john denver..his music will make you feel like to fall in love again .Yes it was working .My wounds were healing my heart was beating and i felt the smell of air again.i swiched to hear the "leave out all the rest" from LP and i was comfirted in a way i needed .I was already forgetting my grief..these men were like god to me then.At the time i was hearing the last line of the song i ralised the tears have already started to flow dowm my cheecks.But these tears were not by the sadness i was carrying,,but they where the tear of happiness by the feeling that some one is out there to comfirt u when you feel lonely.By the time all the music in that folder were played i was about to reach home.One hour boaring journey felt loke the voyege of music rejuvinating my soul.