Thursday, 10 March 2011


I ran into my 9 o clock bus...the last one to my route ,climbed up and walked towards one of the last rows.I was hurt.feeling so bad and what i needed was a lonsome place to shed my silent tears.i sat in one of the last seats near to the window.My hans were cold and i felt so tormented.i touht of calling some one and took my mobile out.I scanned through the names..who to call .Home..i didnt feel like calling..they are too busy searching for an allience that they wont understand what i am going through..friend..she just lost her father before a fortnight..then who.i slipped to the music player..the same old high sounding misic is not going to give me any relief.then suddenly i found the one small folder in my memory card the folder i have forgotten long back..which contains the soft rock from brian adams and john denver.i plugged my earbuds and played one by one.There came the husky voice of brian adams pleading for forgivnesss.My heart which was waighing twice that of my head started to feel a bit light.BA's voice had the power to make any arrogent lady shed her tears with this tocken of love.Then came the country beats of john denver..his music will make you feel like to fall in love again .Yes it was working .My wounds were healing my heart was beating and i felt the smell of air again.i swiched to hear the "leave out all the rest" from LP and i was comfirted in a way i needed .I was already forgetting my grief..these men were like god to me then.At the time i was hearing the last line of the song i ralised the tears have already started to flow dowm my cheecks.But these tears were not by the sadness i was carrying,,but they where the tear of happiness by the feeling that some one is out there to comfirt u when you feel lonely.By the time all the music in that folder were played i was about to reach home.One hour boaring journey felt loke the voyege of music rejuvinating my soul.

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