Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Who cast the spell on MTV??..

I remember my teenage life quiet a tomboy girl and doing what ever i felt right and dressed according to my own fashion mantra. The accessories i wore i frankly believe that they were solely inspired by the m tv in its late 1990s.Although the programs where a little bit clumsy but were far better than those shown now adays.MTV changed a lot..The programs had sense, and like the channel name denotes. It used to play some good music back to back..It was a channel completely dedicated to youth ..While the chulbuli shenaz read some of the most interesting letters with her cute mannerisms..there was malika Arora on the other end with her sexy long legs seducing the audience..NIkil and Cyrus where like the descendents of the Greek gods of VJing.There were times where you never wanted to change this channel for hours because it was totally loaded with fun and entertainment. Then came the Roadies era with a ferocious roar, filled up with so many useless task but still entertainingg.VerbalBashing and catfights..it was the time i moved away from the the m culture for a some time coz i was moving out of my teenage..then suddenly the whole program menu in it seemed nonsense ..All the great names gradually moved out and the new generation of f word users replaced their throns.There were more rubbish and less music..When you turn on to that channel ur fingers skips it to the next channel without a second thought because all you here all the time is some senseless verbal bashing..But it is kind of educative to those who are longing for a carrier in mastering the "Desi Gaali".Women roam around in minimal dresses more minimal than malaika in love line.(there was a time when i thought Malika’s dresses are the most minimal...but these wonderful girl gangs in splits villa proved me wrong).Who said vulgarity has limits..it is not it is vaster than the universe itself. Is it the world changing or is it the time for me to take a reality check..Who knows..But the bottom line is who ever may have changed or may not this f...ing tv has definitely changed.

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