Thursday, 10 March 2011

FEVER is ON.....!!!!!

The fever is on..all those cricket maniacs are all set to get gleued up to their couches for their much awaited event..the whole purpose for living 4 more years ..yes the cricket world cup(more to the thrill this time its uswho are co hostinggg).After the humiliating defeat of their last world cup season the boys(Still they are reffered like this..dont blame me) are back with a roar.Like all the contemporary indaian families the scene is not much different in my home also.My dad whome i thoght once as the most maddest(i meant the superlative of mad..dont kick me)cricket fan was proved wrong by my own uncle who bought an ultra zoom binoculors to watch the match in the stadium before the tickets were on sale.Un fortunately my dad is going to miss some of the events since he is going to undergo a cateract surgery during the wc season.The operation day was well placed that he wont misss any of India's matches,he can rest for 4 days and comfortably see our teams next performance.I was thinking how he would have conviced the doctor to get this safest slot and my confusion was disolved by one comment from him "One crick maniac can empathise on the other...(what docter Uncle U toooooo) If amartya sen saab says a normal indian ia "argumentative"i ll add he is a cricket freak aswell.One of the strangest thing i have noticed is my dad is so much reluctent in choosing a son in law who has any other sport other than cricket as the high priority.Well..for all those folks out there who are expecting the men in blue will make it this time..i will say hope is always good..i am not being pesismistic out here i too wish this time luck strike on us.jeethega bhai jeethegaa India jeethegaa

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