Monday, 26 December 2011


At last it is few more steps to open the doors wide open for the New Year 2012 Well hopefully we all wish world won’t come to an end this year. So how about a reality checks by looking back to the almost over 2011 and do a filthy postmortem. Yeah so many flashy memories and some dark chapters. So I like to take to take all those exciting good memories to my picky pack and for all the bad ones I am going to point my magic wand over my head and going to say 'obliviate'.Going to an end is always the start of a beginning so as it is time to buy a new diary and an ink pen to welcome me the newborn year i really like to decide that I am going to scribble some resolutions this time.
For those who used to take resolutions, good luck with yours and for those who don’t I suggest to give it a try...What if the movie 2012 really comes for real...Who knows even Mayans predicted that. Finally we are getting buckle up to celebrate a new year it’s always good to linger to the taste of the fruit that you just ate. We had whole of happenings this year...which one you want to remember the most. My favorites will begin with India winning the world cup of course. A dream comes true for almost all cricket maniacs in India which obviously include me. After all these years of hard work by the blue boys and of course with the backing of millions of people to pray we could now proudly say that we won it again.
Another thing to boast around with less pride is we are rich people...I mean some of us are very rich and the sad fact being most of those money is not under the direct or indirect control of our reserve bank. It is all safe outside Indian well to specify in Switzerland. After the good old pale man Julian asangne revealed this painful fact we were like wounded tiger and starved with Annaji not to become size zero but to support the janpal bill to fight against the rotten corruption.
The prince charming of Wales is no more an available bachelor; he got a ravishing wife with elegance and brain that makes her perfect for the future crown prince. Back at home we have the Malyaji becoming poor..Well I mean not the poor, poor..poor enough to ask for a bail out for his airlines and still rich enough to own his personal flight A319 with all its luxuary.Quiet a lot of memories to list out..some good some awesome some to suck up and some to let go..
Welcome 2012 looking forward to mesmerize us like all those years that passed.

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