Monday, 14 November 2011

Yet another Children's Day

Its again 14th Nov and this time it’s a Monday...and I am 25 and I am not a kid anymore no longer wear those fancy flowery frocks with laces ,I don’t worry about the exams that used to come every term don’t wear 2 different colored hair buns to make my hairplates look good, no more pink and blue nail color but a colorless French manicure .Still I am one admirer of this day because it fills me with all those nostalgic memories of my childhood where I was careless like now but didn’t had to tell anyone why I was like that. At this age I have something different to do on this day..Well check out the fun filled Children’s day schedule I have..
I woke up soooo late ...from the hangover of a weekend (don't misunderstand...I don’t drink..I meant from the hangover of 7 movies that I gulped in just two days) roommate gave a funny smile and wished me "Happy Children's Day"...and literally it made my day half relaxed...Thanks to her.
Coming to office at the usual late morning shuttle at 11 .On my way called my sister just to congratulate her for bagging a speed lane left hand driving license then called my mother just to get a nice lovely scolding for not being responsible at this age (that definitely defines I am no longer a kid item even for my parents).
Back in the office I had the same mundane job which is always high priority for my leads and some more spicy issues to curb with. My office mailbox filled with all those children’s day wises from my friends who were equally tormented like me for becoming older. I thought half an hour how to fill the activity tracker with the 9 hour job i should have completed last Friday so that my BIG Brother who is watching over me and his sycophantic subordinates doesn’t question me .Implanted the iPod deep into my cochlea so that i could write something that interests me (like this piece I am writing just now)keeping my left thumb and ring finger in a safe place to press the alt +tab when my lead pass by .Felt a little bit dry color at all in here..My monitor is black and the office walls pale brown carpet grey and my brain so nerveless to think anything fresh.
And for the food I don’t have even a single chocolate flavored thing in my purse..Only toffee kind of thing is a central fresh and orange flavored tictac(Both almost tasted like toothpaste ..but truth is i like it more than chocolates now).i felt like I am totally out of the league of child gang. More than Chocó milk I drink coffee /tea and all those less surgery highly stinky beverages (mountain dew and red bull)
I love that i am grown because I am more independent...But still lullaby my childhood dreams and loved being dependent on mom and dad...Here I go and declare people.... I am a grownup who envy my own past

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