Wednesday, 27 July 2011


A long tiresome day in the office!! Had to work from the morning without having a tea break, have sent a handful of mails to every tom, dick and harry in the team. And the end of the day you find yourself in the same pit hole and all that you 'worked' is totally unproductive. In such a situation you walk briskly to the cafeteria and sip one hot tea and a packet of MILK BIKIES, you feel somewhat relieved right? If you are thinking the protagonist in my article the biscuit is MILK BIKIES you are totally wrong.

The whole concept of biscuit in the corporate popped up in my mind, after a 15 minutes meeting with my project lead. He is all set to push me from a cliff and is convincing me that the cliff is the new biggest opportunity I am getting. The deeper I fall, the deeper I screw up myself and the harder these people are going to scold and the faster I am going to become MAD!!! When I entered the conference room, as usual I was scared because it is the surprise box and anything unpredictable can happen in a slot of 15 minutes. But I put up my face as if I am a hard to crack. Before I stepped inside I prayed to all the 330 million gods, the Hindu mythology boast of and energize myself with all the cosmic forces of nature. I opened the door and all the so called butchers were already there to chop me to pieces. I showed my entire attitude and pulled up a chair and sat pretending that it is the most comfortable seat I have ever sat. My PL read out loud all the so called "achievements" I have done in the past couple of months with pure sarcasm and gave me look as if I am the most unproductive creature in the whole team. I also looked back as if I am the cooooooolest thing in the universe and even if u put me in melting lava I will come back in one piece.Pl was so shocked to see my unflinching look and he came straight to the matter. I am blessed with one more application in my basket, which is already filled with all the rotten application I have ever seen. One more to it was a total NO to me. I took a big gasp and said a big NOOO and he looked at me like - who the hell are you to say no to my decisions. My heart was beating 100 dhak - dhak per second, my stomach crunched, darkness filled my eyes and I was waiting for all the official bad words from him. For half a minute I was numb silence spread the room and a puppy face replaced my total arrogant face that I made up. After the long silence that seemed lasted for an year was interrupted by a kind voice..I regained all consciousness and was searching for the source..I couldn’t believe its him my PL himself..I have never thought he can talk this mildly also. He began to talk with that totally different tone - "You are experienced and this is the time you can take up new responsibility. Don’t you think it’s time to take the next step in your career from PA to A”. Ohhhh KKKKK. Now I understood what he is doing now!!!! It’s the same old Dog and Biscuit thing...The promotion is your sweet biscuit and he is holding it and showing it to me. If you take it, biscuit is yours know what. So how am I supposed to behave like a dog wagging its tail and do whatever its owner intends it to do. It is a tough decision..You want the biscuit desperately..but still you know, what’s in his other hand is so bitter that you have to drink it all day to get your taste of biscuit at the end of the year. So now you got the so called corporate biscuit I am talking about. There inside the conference room I felt the pressure of life, the difficulty of choices, and the complexity of taking decisions. So the sole motive of the meeting was to drop me in a no man’s land with no provisions and all I am expected, is to help myself and survive.

So what you think??? Should I bite the Biscuit?????????????

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